Did you know that Rio de Janeiro is home to the world’s largest urban forest? Not to forget the countless hills, beaches and islands… No wonder that Rio is also known as “The Marvelous City”, the combination of city and nature is truly stunning!

Whether you’re living in Rio de Janeiro or just visiting, Rio for You shows you where to go hiking, what fruits to try at the local markets, which excursions need to be included in your agenda and what to do when it rains (it happens a lot, sad but true).

Discover the many different views and faces of Rio de Janeiro. Why not start with a hike to Dois Irmãos, the iconic hills at the end of Leblon? Looking at them from Ipanema Beach you wouldn’t believe it’s possible to get up there but once you’ve made it, nobody can take this experience away from you and it’s much easier than you’d think.

Read more in our full description of the hike to Dois Irmãos or browse our categories for other stuff to do in Rio.

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Hiking & Tourism in Rio de Janeiro