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Keep up to date with all major events in Rio de Janeiro. On Rio for You we cover top events, such as New Year’s Eve (Reveillon) and Carnival but we’ll also let you know about insider tips.

Rio carnival

Rio Carnival

Do you want to be part of one of the greatest show on earth? The countdown for Carnival 2015 has already started! Carnival in Brazil is celebrated in towns and villages all over Brazil, but Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the carnival capital of the world. No wonder, during carnival season Continue reading

Rio Carnival Sambodromo

Rio Carnival Costumes

Do you want to march at the Sambodromo during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro 2015? To participate in the Samba Parade is a once in a lifetime experience! Rio Carnival (“carnaval” in Portuguese) is famous for its rhythmic beats, swirling feet and breathtaking costumes. Celebrate Continue reading