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Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro. Discover insider tips for Rio de Janeiro. Hidden places in the middle of the city such as the mini favela open air museum “Projeto Morrinho” in Laranjeiras or in the outskirts such as Sitio Burle Marx, the former residence of this landscape architect who designed the famous pavement pattern at Copacabana Beach. Each article gives you all the information you need to organize your visit.

Patio with Christ Statue

Parque Lage

Well known among the habitants of Rio de Janeiro, the Parque Lage is a great place to walk, relax and have a coffee at the Café D.R.I. Situated in a picturesque colonial mansion, the café may well be the most popular part of Parque Lage, but do take some time to stroll around the gardens and you’ll discover some real beautiful spots. Continue reading

Projeto Morrinho

Projeto Morrinho – Mini Favela Tour

Favela tours in Rio de Janeiro are becoming more and more popular among tourists but nothing can beat this Mini Favela Tour at Projeto Morrinho. Yes, that’s right, a tour to a favela that is only 450m2 small and built out of bricks with lots of love for detail. Projeto Morrinho portrays the everyday life in a favela, that’s why this mini favela is more than Continue reading

Sitio Burle Marx

Sitio Burle Marx

Have you ever heard of Roberto Burle Marx? No? But you do know Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro with its black and white mosaic of the promenade! The famous wavy pattern was designed by Roberto Burle Marx and is now found on t-shirts, beach towels and postcards. Find out more about this landscape arquitect and visit his late residence, the Sitio Burle Marx in Rio de Janeiro. If you’re tired of the typical sightseeing tours, check out this insider tip! Continue reading

Pão de Açúcar

Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf)

The Sugarloaf, or Pão de Açucar in Portuguese, is one of the world’s most famous attractions and a real highlight when doing sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of people take the cable car each day to visit this peak which is 396 meters above sea level. No wonder, as the view is dazzling and the ride in the cable car is quite an experience, too. Continue reading