Fireworks in Copacabana

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Copacabana

New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular parties you can imagine: Picture yourself at Copacabana beach, dressed in spotless white, surrounded by a 2 million crowd, hearing the people rising up the volume as the time gets closer to midnight! Then, enter the water to salute the New Year in communion with the sea goddess Iemanjá.

What else do you need? Celebrate the arrival of 2015 in Copacabana and be part of a New Year’s Eve party to remember!

Fireworks show in Copacabana

Révellion, as New Year’s Eve is called in Portuguese, comes from the French word “réveiller”  which means “to wake up” in English. So be prepared to “wake up” the New Year with one of the most impressive fireworks of the world.

If the fireworks in Copacabana promise a high quality show each year, this year we can expect an even greater celebration to welcome the 450th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro. For 16 minutes, you’ll witness an elaborate show using as much as 24 tons of fireworks fired from 11 barges.

Fireworks in CopacabanaThe best view is from the center of the 4km long Copacabana Beach, more or less in front of Copacabana Palace, in the middle of Posto 2 and Posto 3. However, keep in mind that this area is where everybody wants to be and it’s terribly packed. If you’re going with young children, elderly people or simply don’t want to be squeezed by the crowds, stay away from these masses.

More than 2 million spectators are expected for the fireworks at Copcabana 2015; however, if you stick to the sides of the beach close to Leme (Posto 1) or Copacabana Fort (Posto 5) the crowds are much more manageable and you’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks much better.

New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve in Copacabana is famous for it’s white dresscode. Actually, you can dress in any colour you like, just keep in mind that each colour represents your wish for the next year. Check out the colour code for New Year’s Eve and make sure to dress accordingly:

Colours for New Years Eve

Other than picking the right colour, you might also want to:

Buy white flowers to give to Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea, so that she will take away your problems and burry them in the depth of the ocean.

Fireworks in CopacabanaJump 7 waves. This is not only a lot of fun, it will also renovate your energy as Iemanjá will empower you to overcome any difficulties that you might have to face in the new year.

Have lentils for your New Year’s Eve Supper. How could lentils be not part of any traditional New Year’s Eve in Brazil? This humble vegetable promises a prosperous new year with plenty of food on the table.

Reveillon 2015 – The Party

This year’s musical line up at the Copacabana fireworks features big Brazilian stars such as Titãs and Seu Jorge. Rumour has it that the latter has invited Ben Harper to play with him on stage. There’ll be three different stages with programme from 6pm to 3.30am. Check out the programme here.

How to get to Copacabana for the New Year’s Eve fireworks

Fireworks in CopacabanaIf transport in Rio de Janeiro is a synonym for traffic jam even in normal days, imagine traffic during the last hours of the year, when everybody is hurrying towards Copacabana to watch the fireworks. If you can go to Copacabana by foot, do walk! Otherwise it’s best to take the subway. But watch out, there’s a special subway ticket for New Year’s Eve in order to ensure safe and controlled transportation.


If you’re planning to take the subway from any station other than

  • General Osório
  • Cantagalo
  • Siqueira Campos

you’ll have to buy this special ticket for Réveillon / New Year’s Eve which is only valid during a specific time frame.

You can purchase the “Bilhete Réveillon” online or at the following metro stations:

  • Pavuna
  • Carioca
  • Central
  • Largo do Machado

Don’t miss out on New Year’s Eve in Copacabana 2015, it’s a must if you’re lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro. And if you’re still here for Carnival 2015, check out our article about how to get costumes and parade at the Sambodromo.