Rio Carnival Sambodromo

Rio Carnival Costumes

Do you want to march at the Sambodromo during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro 2015? To participate in the Samba Parade is a once in a lifetime experience! Rio Carnival (“carnaval” in Portuguese) is famous for its rhythmic beats, swirling feet and breathtaking costumes. Celebrate carnival in the heart of the Sambodromo where everything is about dancing, singing and having fun. But hurry up, Rio carnival costumes are selling out quickly, especially if you want to participate in the first league.

How to buy your Rio Carnival Costume

rio carnival sambodromoEven though Carnival week is from 13 -17 February, it’s high time to look into the different options of buying a costume for Carnival 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. If you plan to buy your carnival costume with an agency, don’t wait any longer. The deadline for some of the reservations is already on December 15th! Also keep in mind that the earlier you get your costume (“fantasia” in Portuguese) the more choices you have.

Buying a Carnival Costume with an Agency

This is of course the most comfortable but also most expensive option. However, the agencies offer you the possibility to parade with the best samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, as agencies usually sell costumes for schools of the first league. Agencies sell out quickly, so better hurry up and check out the main vendors.Rio Carnival Sambodromo

See below for two well-known agencies that offer a variety of carnival costumes for the samba parade. You might want to have a look at the time schedule, remember that some samba schools parade in the middle of the night 😉 Also keep in mind that buying a costume usually doesn’t include the ticket to watch the rest of the samba parade… Reservations can be made in Portuguese or English:

  • Rio Carnival – Please note: Deadline for reservations is December 15th
  • Carnival Bookers – Please note: Unfortunately the discount for early birds already expired on December 10th. Be quick to make sure you still get the costume you want.

Buying a Carnival Costume for 2015 for the Second League

rio carnival sambodromoA cheaper and more original option to get your Rio Carnival Costume is to contact samba schools of the second league directly. If you decide to parade at the Sambodromo with the second league, also known as “Grupo da Série A” in Portuguese, you also have a bit more time. Not even all the schools have started selling their costumes, yet. Most likely you’ll have to organize the pick-up of the costume and transport to the Sambodromo yourself. Also be prepared to make your arrangements in Portuguese ☺

See below for a few samba schools of the second league that are selling carnival costumes.

Marching at the Sambodromo

rio carnival sambodromoWhen participating in the samba parade, make sure to support your school the best you can. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a fierce competition and a serious topic for each school, especially if they’re in the first league. So put your heart in it, learn your carnival song and sing your lungs out! This will probably be a lot harder than you think. Samba schools have to parade for at least 65 but no longer than 82 minutes. In the first league, samba schools tend to use the maximum time allowed and the costumes are usually heavy and not exactly comfortable, especially the head part… In the second league everything is a bit more relaxed and marching time tends to be shorter. Whether you opt for marching with the first league samba schools or with the second league, it’s never too early to plan carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

We’ll be keeping you posted with news about Carnival 2015 on our Facebook Page and in further posts in our Events Category. If you have a special tip on where to get good costumes, feel free to comment!