Rio carnival

Rio Carnival

Do you want to be part of one of the greatest show on earth? The countdown for Carnival 2015 has already started! Carnival in Brazil is celebrated in towns and villages all over Brazil, but Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the carnival capital of the world. No wonder, during carnival season the whole city becomes a paradise for people looking for fun, samba and party. Rio carnival is considered to be the biggest carnival in the world with up to two million people participating in the blocos – street parties – of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Carnival 2015

Watch the biggest carnival party at the Sambodromo where everything is about dancing, singing and having fun or take it a step further and march at the Sambodromo during Carnival! Participating in the Samba Parade is a once in a lifetime experience! Rio Carnival (“carnaval” in Portuguese) is famous for its rhythmic beats, swirling feet and breathtaking costumes.

Rio carnival sambodromoDuring carnival season there are at least two things you should experience:

  • First – get yourself a ticket to the famous Sambodromo and
  • second – dress up and join one of the many blocos – street festivals.

The Carnival season in Rio de Janeiro has been celebrated every year since the 1930s. This year the Carnival week is from 13 – 17 February, but the blocos have already started and will continue until March. Also,  the winner’s parade takes place the Saturday after carnival ends, on 21 February. So it’s high time to look into the different options of buying a costume, figure out which blocos you want to join and to buy your ticket for the Sambodromo – before the good seats are sold out.

The blocos – the soul of Rio Carnival

CarnivalBlocos are basically street parties and there are hundreds of different ones during carnival. The blocos are spread over the whole city, with different themes, songs and bands that are playing samba music everyday during carnival. Normally these blocos start early in the morning and go on the whole day. Blocos are much more casual than the carnival parade at the sambodromo and they are  free. Everyone can join the street blocos, just dress up, dance and enjoy yourself like a Brazilian to get the real carnival feeling.

For more information about the blocos, click here!

Also check out “Rio Folia”, a free app for your smart-phone. This App gives you an overview of all the blocos, dates and times and includes a map explaining how to get to the blocos.

Carnival Parade at the Sambodromo

Watching the famous carnival parade at the sambodromo  should be high on your priority list while staying in Rio. This is where you get to see the Carnival that you know from television and pictures.

rio carnival sambodromoAt the sambodromo, different samba schools compete for the title of the carnival champion of the year. In order to achieve this, the schools exceed each other with dazzling samba moves, elaborated costumes, catchy tunes and fantastic decorations – it’s incredible to watch. Each samba school spends a long time preparing for carnival, creating gorgeous floats, costumes and lyrics to represent their show’s theme. Not to forget the impressive percussion from the Bateria, which adds the typical rhythm to Brazilian Carnival.

The show starts at 9 pm and goes on until early morning (usually 5am). The carnival parade tradition started as far back as the 1930s. The sambodromo was designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and was opened in 1984. Being approximately 700 meter long, the stadium accommodates almost 90.000 people.


Tickets and Seating

rio carnival sambodromoThe Sambodromo is divided into different sectors and tickets are priced depending on the kind of view and services you are looking for. You can end up paying everything from 10 BRL up to 5.000 BRL for your ticket. To read more about the different sectors and seating visit Rio Carnival or Carnivalbookers.

It’s also possible to buy tickets for the Luxury Suites, Camarotes and covered boxes. These tickets are considered to be the fanciest ones – offering a great view from your private suite where you also have your own first-class waiter, buffet and open bar. Read more about this option here!

Where to buy tickets for Sambodromo

You find different places in Rio selling tickets, it’s also possible to buy online, for example at Carnivalbookers and Rio Carnival, and get the ticket delivered to your home or hotel.

How to get to the Sambodromo

Getting to the sambodromo is easy – and there are many options. You can easily grab a cab; just remember to tell the taxi driver which sector you are going to so he can take you to the right entrance.

Another good option is to travel with the subway. Trains depart every ten minutes all night long during the carnival dates and the subway station is located only 10 minutes away from the stadium.

For more information click here!

The Sambodromo also offers a Round Transfer service that picks you up at a certain location and takes you to the sambodromo and back.

Carnival dates for the coming years

• February 13 to February 18, 2015

• February 5 to February 10, 2016

• February 24 to March 1, 2017

• February 9 to February 14, 2018

• March 1 to March 6, 2019

• February 21 to February 26, 2020