Beach Volleyball Rio

Beach Volleyball

Are you looking for a place to play beach volleyball or take beach volleyball classes? Whether your  New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to work out, be more healthy or simply make the most of the incredible beach life of Rio de Janeiro, beach volleyball is the perfect sport to meet your needs. Let’s face it – how can you be in Rio de Janeiro and not play beach volleyball? Give it a try!

Beach Volleyball in Rio de Janeiro

Beach VolleyballVôlei de Praia, as Beach Volleyball is called in Portuguese, is a traditional sport in Brazil and plays a big part in Carioca lifestyle.  There are poles to set up your own volleyball net on all the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and each day there are plenty of people playing. Be it to take beach volleyball lessons or to play for fun, you’ll see all kind of people play on the beach – some very skilled, others not so much. The beach volleyball fields are always close to the road so they’re easy to spot and you can watch people play while have a cold beer or cocount at the closest kiosk.

Beach VolleyballRio de Janeiro is a perfect place to start playing beach volleyball, take beach volleyball lessons, join a group that plays for fun (or takes it seriously if you’re already a pro) or just organize a team with your friends and set up your own volleyball group. Free courts with nets can be found at most of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro as Copacabana, Ipanema or Flamengo. These fields are usually available during the week in the mornings and in the afternoon. Normally, more advanced teams arrive to play at around 7pm. However, if you bring your own net, you’ll always find a spot to play.

Beach Volleyball Schools in Rio

Escola de Vôlei de Praia Sandra & ElaineThere are several excellent choices for beach volleyball schools, or escolinhas de praia vôlei in Portuguese, in Rio de Janeiro. You’ll see plenty of signs and advertisement if you just walk along the beach and they’ll all be happy to give you more information, so don’t be shy and ask for training hours and prices. Typically schools offer classes in the early morning and in the evening. Here are two examples:

Pelé da Praia

This famous beach volleyball school has been around since 1996 and was probably one of the first “escolinhas de vôlei praia” in Ipanema. It’s located in front of Rua Garcia d’Ávila, close to Posto 10.

Monday – Friday

7-11 am and 4-9pm

Prices: 140 BRL per month (tbc)

Escola de Vôlei de Praia Sandra & Elaine

SEscola de Vôlei de Praia Sandra & Elaineandra Mathias and Elaine Bezerra are former professional beach volleyball players who now run the volleyball school next to posto 12 in Leblon, right between the streets Rua Rainha Guilhermina and Rua General Artigas.

Monday – Friday

Adults: 8-9 am, 9-10 am and 7-8 pm

Teenagers: 5-6 pm

Kids: 8-9 am, 5-6 pm  and 6-7 pm

Prices: 140 BRL per month, allowing you to play as often as you want. 20 BRL drop in class.

The school offers different kind of lessons. For more information check out their webpage: or call + 55 21 999598759


Beach Volleyball RioRemember to put on strong sun screen when playing beach volleyball. It’s also a good idea to bring your swim wear so you can take a bath after the match.

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