Rio Academia – Outdoor Gym Ipanema Beach

When you hear about an “outdoor gym located on the beach“ you’ll probably think of the Outdoor Gym in California, the famous Muscle Beach that is located on the sidewalk of Venice Beach. Top class bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno used to train in this beach gym in order to build their award-winning physiques.  But did you know that every year between November and February a similar free outdoor gym is constructed at Ipanema Beach?

Rio Academia – Outdoor gym Ipanema beach

The outdoor beach  gym at Ipanema, Posto 10, is the perfect way of combining the physical intensity of a proper workout with the joy of being out in fresh air. At the same time you’ll be able to listen to the waves from the ocean and admiring the beautiful view of  Dois Irmãos.

Every day, from Monday to Sunday, the gym offers different kind of classes, such as Crossfit, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Tai-Chi- Chuan etc.  You also find all the equipment you need for a good muscle work out in case you prefer to do some exercises by yourself. But best of all, the outdoor gym is free of charge and provides instructors and personal trainers. And of course there’e the location, too. The outdoor gym is just next to Posto 10 with view of the beautiful Ipanema Beach and Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers hill) in the background. What else is there to ask for? It’s absolutely lovely!

When going to the outdoor gym for the first time, you need to bring your ID and  fill in a registration form with you address, your health condition, etc. After registering, you will reveive your personal card that you need to bring everyday to enter the gym.

Whether you are living or just visiting Rio de Janeiro don’t forget to check out this awesome outdoor gym!

How to get to the Outdoor Gym at Ipanema?

Where: The gym is located at Ipanema Beach next to Posto 10.

For more information, see map below.

When: Every day from 16 November – 1 February.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday : 06.30 am – 10.30 am / 17.00pm – 21.00 pm

Saturday, Sundays and holidays:  08.00 am – 13.00 pm

Price: free


If you decide to go and check out the outdor gym, remember to bring your sunscreen.  This period of the year the sun is very strong in Rio de Janeiro and since you will be working out in the sun at the beach you will probably feel that you are sweating more than normal, so don’t forget to use your sunscreen.

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