View from Forte duque de Caxias

Forte Duque de Caxias Hike

Forte Duque de Caxias, better known as Forte do Leme.

If you are looking for a short and easy hike but want to get a stunning view, the Forte Duque de Caxias hike is the perfect hike for you. At Leme Beach (at the end of Copacabana Beach) there is a military base which is open to the public. From there you are able to walk up to the small hill called Morro do Leme , which means Leme Hill in English.

Duration: 30-40 min up and down

Distance: 800 m

Difficulty: Easy

Height: 210 m

When to hike: opening hours Tue-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm

What to bring: Camera

How to get to Forte Duque de Caxias

You need to get to the end of Leme Beach, Street Praça Almirante Júlio de Noronha (see map bellow) . From here you will see the military base that you need to enter. Admission fee R$4.

The Hike

The hike up to the Forte Duque de Caxias is easy and takes about 15-20 min. The walk takes you along a steep trail in the rainforest and usually you’ll see some monkeys around. It’s a great walk through the nature of Rio de Janeiro even though you’re in the middle of the city. When you get to the top, you will see an 18th century fort that you can visit to learn about Brazilian history. While the Forte Duque de Caxias is a nice extra, the real attraction is the spectacular view you get of Rio, including Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf), Christ the Redeemer, the Cagarras Islands, Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea.

The Forte Duque de Caxias hike is just next to Copacabana Beach and you don’t need to plan a lot of time for it, so be spontanious and just have a go at it yourself! It’s a good idea to finish off the hike with a fresh coconut in the kiosk on Leme Beach. If you prefer a beer or a caipirinha, that’s just as well.

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