Morro Dos Cabritos Hike

Morro Dos Cabritos Hike

The Morro dos Cabritos Hike is a combo experience: you will have the chance to do a beautiful hike and you will cross through the Favela dos Cabritos. There are many paths leading up to Morro dos Cabritos, the easiest one is the Catacumba Park Hike. However, if you’re looking for a bit more variety, the Morro dos Cabritos Hike is perfect for you: You’ll not only hike through a diverse landscape but also through the Favela Dos Cabritos.

Duration: 3 hours (up and down)

Difficulty: Medium

Height: 378 meters

When to hike: It is possible to do the hike throughout the whole year, but it’s best done between March-November, because then it’s not too hot.

What to bring: Hiking boots / Trainers, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, food and water. Bring also a rope for the rock climbing.

How to get to the Morro Dos Cabritos Hike

Euclides da Rocha 600

Euclides da Rocha 600

The hike starts in the Favela dos Cabritos (Copacabana) and it’s easiest to get there by subway. Take Metro line 1 until Siqueira Campos or any bus that takes you to the metro station Siqueira Campos. Then take Ladeira de Tabajaras Street to Euclides da Rocha Street 600 . For more information, see map below:

The Starting Point of the Hike

IMG_20150920_171804891_HDR[1]From the metro station to Euclides da Rocha 600,  you will walk almost 25 minutes. Once you reach this point, which can be seen as the starting point of the Morro dos Cabritos Hike, you’ll have to take the stairs and follow Rua Pe Italo (Pe Italo Street) until Rua Dona Zoe (Dona Zoe Street) where you’ll see a soccer field. Cross the soccer field and take the path to enter the forest. Follow the way marked with steps, pass the rain pipe and continue going up.


Small Rock to climb @first level

The Morro dos Cabritos Hike has three viewpoints at different levels. You´ll reach the first viewpoint more or less 25 minutes after crossing the soccer field. Coming here is like climbing stairs  and you’ll have to climb a small rock (see picture). Here, you’ll have a view of  Leme Beach, the bay of Botafogo and the cemetery of Botafogo.

Reaching the second viewpoint (10 minutes after the first viewpoint) is shorter but harder. You have to go up by using ropes that are already put on the ground for that use. Here, you have a global view of the city. Last but not Morro Dos Cabritos Hikeleast, the third part takes about 20 minutes and leads you through the forest like most of the hikes in Rio de Janeiro. When you reach the top you’ll be awarded with a postal card view of Lagoa, Ipanema and Pedra da Gavea.

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