Trilha Da Praia Do Perigoso

Praia do Perigoso Hike

Have you ever dreamed of hiking on wild beaches? Praia do Perigoso, or Beach of the Dangerous in English, is the name of the hike and also the name of the second beach you will get to. The track runs along five beautiful beaches and you decide if you want to visit all of them or just a few. This true paradise is hidden behind Guaratiba and Grumari.

Duration: 3-5 hours if you take the trip to all 5 beaches.

Distance: 4,5 km one way

Difficulty: medium

When to hike: All year.

What to bring: Trainers, comfortable clothing,camera, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, swimming clothes, towel or canga , some snack and water.

How to get to Praia do Perigoso:

The Praia do Perigoso hike starts at a beautiful beach called Praia da Barra de Guaratiba in Guaratiba. The best way to get there is by car and GPS. Use “Praia da Barra Guaratiba” as destination and you will be taken directly to the beach. There’s parking available at the beach. The drive to Guaratiba from Ipanema or Leblon takes about one and a half hours. See map below for more information.

The Hike

When you get to Guaratiba, you will see a few shops and bars running parallel to the beach. At the end of this beach called Praia da Barra de Guaratiba, you need to turn left and follow the small road for a minute. You will get to a steep hill going up on your left. Follow this steep hill until the top and take right. After walking among some houses for 5-10 minutes, you’ll get to a bar on your left side. This is the starting point of the Praia do Perigoso hike.

From here, the trail is well marked and you just need to follow the windy hillside. There are a few trails along the way that are used by fishermen and lead you right to the stones. However, it’s not recommended to access these trails as they are a bit slippery and some take you right to some cliffs.

After about 10-15 minutes walking you will get to a small junction with a short path to the right. It’s worth to take this path and go along a few meters because there’s a beautiful view of Ilha Rasa de Guaratiba, a small island with a lighthouse.

Then follow the trail for about 30 minutes until you get to a junction where the track divides into two. Here you need to turn right and the track will lead you to the first beach Praia de Buzios and the second beach Praia do Perigoso, or the Beach of the Dangerous. If you turn left, the track will take you to the third beach Praia do Meio. This part needs a bit of attention because the track can be a bit slippery.

So if you go right first, you get to Praia de Buzios. From here take a turn to the left and walk about 50 meters you will reach the beautiful beach Praia do Perigoso. Try to spend some time here, go for a swim and have a nice picnic with your family and friends before you continue your walk to the next beach. Praia do Perigoso is located in Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca, which means it’s an environmental protection area, where it’s forbidden to camp. Keep in mind that the beach is not at a bay but at the open sea and there are no lifeguards.

Before leaving Praia do Perigoso it’s worth climbing Pedra da Tartaruga, which can be translated as “the turtle stone” in English. This one is connected to the mainland, it takes about 20 minutes to hike up and down. From the top of Pedra da Tartaruga you get an incredible view and you are able to see all the way to Barra and the third, fourth and fifth beach.

To continue the hike you need to walk back to the junction and turn left, this road takes you to the next beach called Praia do Meio.

To get to Praia do Meio, the middle beach in English, takes approximately 30 minutes from Praia do Perigoso. The beach has 200 meters of white sand for enjoyment and is less crowded than Praia do Perigoso. This is the most beautiful beach of all the five beaches. If you still haven’t eaten your snack or haven’t had a bath this is the best spot to do so.

From Praia do Meio to the next beach Praia Funda, meaning the deep beach in English, you will take about 20 minutes and you will be walking on a section of stones without much shade, so remember to use sunscreen and drink water.

Fourth and fifth beach Praia do Inferno

Fourth and fifth beach Praia do Inferno

From Praia Funda to the last beach Praia do Inferno, “the Beach from Hell” in English, will take you 5-10 minutes. If you go all the way to the fourth or fifth beach there is a big chance that you will get the whole beach for yourself.



You’ll probably be hungry after some hours of hiking on the Praia do Perigoso Trail and swimming at the beaches. A good choice for food is a restaurant named Point de Grumari ( about 15 minutes drive). It has the best Moqueca in Rio de Janeiro, excellent service and a breathtaking view over Pantanal. Absolutely a good idea to see the sunset here!

For more information about the restaurant, click here!

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