Sunset at Post 10 Ipanema

Sunset in Rio de Janeiro

Watching a sunset in Rio de Janeiro is like eating ice cream in Italy: you can do it anywhere else, but it is just not the same. The light, the colors, the atmosphere, it’s a perfect scenery to blow your facebook friends’ minds.

If you want your stay in the marvelous city to be extraordinary, have a look at our personal top three places to witness the sunset in Rio de Janeiro. With the following three locations we can guarantee you an unforgettable evening and a new record of facebook likes for your Rio de Janeiro sunset pic.

1.     Sunset at Arpoador

Sunset at ArpoadorUnquestionably Rio’s most famous sunset spot. Rio faces the ocean in the South, so it’s rather difficult to catch the sun above the ocean. However, at Arpoador you can actually witness this spectacle during summer time (November – February). Hundreds of people gather here each night to watch the sunset with the Two Brother Mountains and Pedra da Gávea in the background and pay their tribute to nature’s wonders. This is probably the only place where people applaud as the sun sets in the ocean.

2.     Sunset at Sugarloaf

Sunset at SugarloafEven if you’ve been to the Sugarloaf before, it’s worth another trip to experience a true 360° sunset. From here, you have a perfect view of Christ the Redeemer, the Two Brothers, Pedra da Gávea, the city center and Niteroi. There’s almost not enough time to take it all in, so make sure you find your favourite view of the city before the sun is going down…

3.     Sunset at Lagoa

Sunset at LagoaEnjoyed best when combined with a relaxed late afternoon picnic. Choose a spot on the Eastern side of the Lagoa, somewhere between Cantagalo and Catacumba Park. There´s a lot of green space so it´s easy to find a piece of grass (no pun intended) for you to enjoy the sunset. If you´re not a picnic fan, the Palaphita Kitch is always a great choice (even though service can be slooow). It´s really nice to see the lights of Vidigal switch on one by one and watch the Two Brothers disappear in darkness. The mountains’ reflection in the water is a real add-on.

Do you have another favourite place to watch the sunset in Rio de Janeiro? Tell us all about it! For more photos, see our facebook page, we´re happy to add your photos, too.