Feira Nordestina

Feira Nordestina – Sao Cristovao Market

It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s dazzling! The Feira Nordestina, also known as “Feira de São Cristovão”, is a vibrant market with food, music, arts and craft from the Northeast of Brazil. Famous for its party vibes and culinary delicacies, the Feira Nordestina attracts more than 300.000 visitors each month. Most of them are Brazilians from the Northeast who live in Rio de Janeiro and come to the Feira Nordestina to enjoy the specialties of their region. The market is becoming more and more popular among tourists, as well.

How to get to Feira Nordestina?

Feira NordestinaThe Sao Cristovao Market (“Feira de São Cristovão”) is situated in the North of Rio de Janeiro. The metro station “São Cristovão” is not as close as you might expect. So if you want to take the subway, prepare to take a cab from the metro station to the market. There’s a parking lot next to Feira Nordestina but on the weekends it’s so crowded that you’ll hardly be able to park…

By Bus: Ipanema – 474, 441, 461 Botafogo – 472, 474, 475
By Metro: São Cristovão plus taxi
By car: Campo de São Cristóvão S/N

For more details, see map below:


Opening hours: Tue – Thur 10am – 6pm, Fri – Sun: 10am – 9pm

Entrance fee: Tuesdays – Thursdays for free,
Fridays – Sundays 3 BRL (except for holidays)

Address: Campo de São Cristóvão S/N, São Cristovão

Website: www.feiradesaocristovao.org.br

Email: feiradesaocristovao@terra.com.br

Feira NordestinaThe Feira Nordestina was founded in 1945, when workers from the Northeast came to Rio de Janeiro. They gathered together at this place to dance Forró, eat food from the Northeast and celebrate their traditions. Today, there are hundreds of different stands with food, souvenirs, household stuff and much more. Curious fact: The pavilion that hosts the market resembles the shape of a hat that was worn by the “Cangaceiros”, the legendary bandits of the Northeastern desert during the late 19th/early 20th century. You can see it when coming from the airport by car.

Feira NordestinaMore than a typical tourist attraction, the Feira Nordestina is a place where the Northeasteners celebrate their customs and ease their “saudade” for the Northeast. Experience a completely different side of Brazil and join in with the crowds. Try the delicious foods (for example Baião de dois) and dance to the rhythms of the Northeast! There are 2 big stages for music shows, you’ll find the program on the Sao Cristovao Market website.

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