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Fruit and vegetable markets – Feiras Livres

Why not experience a fruit and vegetable market while you are staying in Rio de Janeiro? See all the lively street vendors in action and discover tropical fruits that you didn’t even know existed.

These open air markets are the best place in the city to buy fruits and vegetables, they travel around in Rio and are to find at fixed locations on fixed days.  Because of the competition between the sellers you will get good prices, high quality and the selection is huge. You are able to buy everything from fresh seafood, tasty meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and flowers. While strolling over the market, you’ll be offered pieces of mango, jackfruit, strawberries etc. from all sides. Don’t be shy to accept these “fruit samples”, you won’t be asked to pay for them. Bargaining is also perfectly acceptable, normally you get the best prices a few hours after opening.

What time: It starts early in the morning and ends around 1pm

Markets in Rio de Janeiro

Find the market that is closest to you. See below for a daily list of markets in the different neighbourhoods of Rio:


  • Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, Ipanema
  • Rua Gustavo Sampaio, Leme
  • Rua Vicente de Souza, Botafogo


  • Infoshopping, Catete
  • Rua Barão de Macaubas, Botafogo
  • Praça General Osório, Ipanema


  • Rua Maria Eugênia, Humaitá
  • Praça Edmundo Bittencourt, Copacabana
  • Praça Nicarágua, Botafogo


  • Rua Conde Lages, Glória
  • Rua Ronald de Carvalho, Copacabana
  • Rua General Urquiza, Leblon


  • Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz, Ipanema
  • Viaduto Jardel Filho, Laranjeiras
  • Rua Felicio dos Santos, Santa Tereza
  • Praça Santos Dumont, Gávea


  • Rua Prof. Ortiz Monteiro, Laranjeiras
  • Rua Frei Leandro, Lagóa
  • Rua Paulo Barreto, Botafogo


  • Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, Lagóa
  • Praça Tenente Gil Guilherme, Urca
  • Avenida Augusto Severo, Glória
  • Praça Serzedelo Correia, Copacabana

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 Organic markets


  •            Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz, Ipanema


  •      Praça Antero de Quental, Leblon


  •      Praça da Igreja São José da Lagoa, Jardim Botânico

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