Hippie Market Ipanema

Ipanema Hippie Market

Hippie Market IpanemaAre you looking for a souvenir from Rio de Janeiro? Or for an original decoration for your home? The Hippie Market in Ipanema might just be THE place for you. Between many commercial stands there are some real gems to be found, literally as well as metaphorically. According to its website, the Hippie Market is the largest outdoor gallery of arts and crafts not just of Brazil but of the world!

How to get to Ipanema Hippie Market

Located at the square of the metro station General Osorio in Ipanema, the Feira Hippie, as the fair is called in Portuguese, is very easy to reach by bus, metro and by foot.

Where: Praça General Osorio

When: Sundays from 7am to 7pm

The origins of the Hippie Market

Hippie Market Ipanema

As the name suggests, the fair started in the late sixties when it was a meeting point for Rio de Janeiro’s hippie scene. Nowadays, it’s still very vivid and you’ll find all kinds of arts and craft. The center of the Hippie Market is reserved for a great collection of paintings of all sizes, hence the reason why it’s the largest outdoor gallery of the world. A very popular theme are the houses of the favelas that raise colourfully in the sky. Some merchants are selling the pictures (mostly on canvas) without frame so it’s easy to pack them in a suitcase if needed.

Also, if you still haven’t bought your own Canga (typical beach cloth), Bikini or Havaianas, there’s quite some variety to be found at the Hippie Market, too. You can’t be Rio de Janeiro and not succumb to the cheerful Carioca beachwear. As the market is close to Posto 8 of the Ipanema Beach, you can display your new acquisitions straight away.

Even if you’re not keen on buying anything, just stroll around the many stands selling leather handbags, bean bags, hand-made jewelry – it’s a joy to the eye. My alltime favourites are coasters decorated with seeds and beans that picture the Sugarloaf. Surely you’ll find your own treasure to remember your holidays in Rio de Janeiro, too.

Do consider also visiting the Copacabana Night Market, you actually might find cheaper options here.

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