Laranjeiras Market

Laranjeiras Market General Glicério

Are you a big fan of markets but looking for something more local than the Ipanema Hippie Market or the Copacabana Night Market in Rio de Janeiro? Then you should visit the Laranjeiras Market in Rua General Glicério! This small market is located in one of the most traditional streets of Laranjeiras and Cariocas (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro) just love it.

How to get to the Laranjeiras Market

Laranjeiras MarketThe market takes place every Saturday in the street “Rua General Glicério”, one of the side streets of Rua das Laranjeiras.

By bus: 570 or 584 from Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon (BRS 2). Get off at the bus station in front of “Supermercados Princesa”, next to Rua das Laranjeiras 519.

584 from Botafogo. Get off at the bus station on the opposite side of the “Supermercados Princesa”, next to Rua das Laranjeiras 519.

Laranjeiras MarketBy car: You will get much quicker to the Laranjeiras Market if you go by car. There’s parking in Rua General Glicério and in the surrounding streets; however, usually it’s quite hard to find a spot…

By taxi: Probably the most convenient and fastest way. Just tell the taxi driver to take you to “Mercado de Laranjeiras na rua General Glicério”.

For more information, see map below:

The Laranjeiras Market

Laranjeiras MarketWhen you enter Rua General Glicério you will have to walk a bit until you see the first vendors selling their goods on the ground. Just a few meters further down the street the official market begins with stalls lining up on the sidewalk. This part of the Laranjeiras Market offers all kinds of household goods and continues with dresses, T-Shirts, bags, children’s wear, etc.

Laranjeiras MarketThe further you go down the road, the more exclusive and original the goods become. At the end of the market there are a few food stands. Here you can have a fresh coconut but of course also the typical deep-fried “pastéis”, “bolinhos de bacalhão” and other “salgados”. Towards the right there’s also a fruit and vegetable market joining the clothes and souvenir market. When going back to the beginning of the market, you can walk on the other side of the street. Here the vendors offer original clothing and souvenirs, there’s a stall selling drings and usually a band that plays on the street.

The Laranjeiras Market isn’t very big. So if you already do make the effort to come here, it makes sense to plan having lunch or coffee in one of the many shops on Rua das Laranjeiras. For example at Laranja Café, Rua das Laranjeiras 462 loja C. Walking up thLaranjeiras Markete street towards Cosme Velho Station (where the train to Christ the Redeemer takes off) there are plenty of choices. If you still feel like doing some more sightseeing, you might want to visit the Museo Internacional de Arte Naif (MIAN) at Rua Cosme Velho 561. It’s a ten minutes walk away from the Laranjeiras Market (uphill).

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