Legep Gems and Minerals

LEGEP Gems and Minerals

Are you shopping for gems and minerals in Rio de Janeiro?
Forget H. Stern or Amsterdam Sauer and let yourself surprise by LEGEP, the probably largest gem and mineral store in Rio de Janeiro. Here you will find precious and semi-precious minerals in their raw form, polished or shaped into small figures, crystal balls, jewelry, etc.

How to get to LEGEP?

LEGEP - Mall of mineralsThe store is situated in Recreio das Bandeirantes, behind Barra. The best option is to go by car, there’s parking available at the store. If you access LEGEP via Avenida das Américas, you have to drive through a passageway which is quite an experience in itself as the walls are filled with shelves full of precious stones and other beauties.


Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm, Sat: 9am – 4pm

Address: Avenida das Américas 16551, Recreio

Website: www.legep.com.br

Email: exportrio@legep.com.br

IMG_0615_small_011Even if you’re not especially interested in gems, minerals and the like, LEGEP is definitively worth a visit. The sheer size of the store is impressive: Each corner seems to open to a new exhibition room bursting with stones in all sizes, shapes and colors. This is not a carefully arranged museum as H. Stern or Amsterdam Sauer, it’s more like a warehouse for wholesale and retail spread over two floors. It’s not for nothing that this store is called “Shopping das Pedras” (mall of stones/minerals in English).

Legep BirdAt LEGEP you will find everything you could possibly wish for, it’s a great place to browse for original souvenirs or decoration. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the Ipanema Hippie Market or the Copacabana Night Market, check out the huge stocks of LEGEP. Especially if you’re searching for a specific stone, this could be the right address for you. As it’s quite a long way from Zona Sul, it makes sense to combine your visit to LEGEP with another excursion, for example stop by the store when coming back from Sitio Burle Marx or Prainha or combine the visit with a shopping trip to Barra.

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