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Pregnancy Yoga

Being pregnant is wonderful; being pregnant in Rio de Janeiro can become a challenge if you’re not familiar with the Brazilian health system, the hospitals, doctors, etc. When you’re pregnant, you’ll have to sort out lots of things and you might be looking for some exercise to disconnect from the everyday hustle and remain fit and healthy. Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to meet these needs!

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy yoga rioAs all the different Yoga techniques, pregnancy yoga (or prenatal yoga) allows you to relax and reduce stress. Taking time to concentrate on you, your body and your baby can be extremely comforting in this new phase where everything is suddenly changing. However, pregnancy yoga is not only beneficial for your emotional well-being, it also helps you to:

  • Learn how to breathe. You’ll be glad about your breathing exercises when entering in labour. The right breathing will help you to fight labour pains and keep calm. A good session of pregnancy yoga starts with breathing exercises that teach you to fully inhale and exhale, emptying your lungs completely to allow fresh oxygen to enter.
  • pregnancy yoga rioTwist and Stretch your body. Many women have troubles with back pains during pregnancy. Stretching is an important part of pregnancy yoga with exercises that concentrate especially on the lower back, such as the so-called cat stretch or the two knee twist.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor has to carry quite some weight for a long time. To avoid overstretching, this muscle has to be specifically trained. Pregnancy yoga includes several exercises to do this and thus helps you keep your bladder under control and fasten the healing process after birth.

Pregnancy Yoga in Rio de Janeiro

pregnancy yoga rioBasically you can participate in any yoga class and just tell the teacher that your pregnant, so that he/she will be able to point out some alternative poses for you if necessary. However, there are also special pregnancy yoga courses. The advantage of these courses is that they concentrate on the benefits of yoga for pregnant women as pointed out above. Please see below for a list of pregnancy yoga classes in Rio. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to find classes in English but as the instructor shows you what to do, your Portuguese doesn’t need to be fluent in order to participate. Usually all schools offer free trial classes, so just try out different options and see what works best for you!

Pregnancy Yoga in Ipanema

Blyss Yoga

Classes are in English or Portuguese. You will start with individual classes of pregnancy yoga and join the normal yoga groups (Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa) after a while. This way the instructor already know you and your special needs and can watch out for you.


Address: Rua Visconde de Pirajá 318, sala 211

Tel.: 982910211

Pregnancy Yoga in Copacabana

Ponto Harmonia

Classes are in Portuguese but the instructor speaks English. Even if you know only little Portuguese you should be fine.

Website: / grupo de gestantes

Address: Rua Siqueira Campos 43, Sala 636

Tel.: (21) 2548 0958

Pregnancy Yoga in Botafogo

Bella Gestante

pregnancy yoga rioBella Gestante is a great place not only for pregnancy yoga but also for other exercises for pregnant women such as pilates or water gymnastics (hidrogestante). In addition, Bella Gestante offers preparational courses for pregnant couples, massages and other treatments for expecting mothers and activities for parents and babies. However, all classes are offered in Portuguese only.


Address: Rua Conde de Irajá 125, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, CEP 22271-020

Tel: 21 2530 4779 | 21 2537 8980

In our new category Pregnancy and Kids in Rio de Janeiro, we’ll explore different activities for pregnant women and things to do around Rio with infants and kids. Stay tuned!