Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates

Are you pregnant, live in Rio de Janeiro and are looking to do some gentle exercise? Prenatal Pilates is an ideal work out for pregnant ladies who want to keep their mobility during pregnancy, strengthen their muscles and keep back pain to a minimum. Exercise during pregnancy is recommended (always in moderation) and will help you relax and enjoy your body, especially that growing tummy of yours!

Benefits of Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal PilatesJust as Pilates, Prenatal Pilates helps you to develop a consciousness for your body and strengthen your muscles. The exercises go easy on your joints, this is extremely important during pregnancy because your joints loosen up a bit during this time. Prenatal Pilates is great to focus on your body and the changes it is undergoing, it especially helps you to:


Strengthen your tummy and back: Back pain is one of the most annoying side effects during pregnancy. With Prenatal Pilates you strengthen your tummy and back muscles and learn to pay attention to your posture. This will minimize back pain problems and enable you to enjoy your pregnancy even more. Some trainers use special machines to help you to get the maximum out of the exercises.

Strengthen your pelvic floor: During pregnancy, the pelvic floor has to carry quite some weight for a long time. To avoid overstretching, this muscle has to be specifically trained. Prenatal Pilates includes several exercises to do this and thus helps you to keep your bladder under control and fasten the healing process after birth.

Keep your balance: As your belly is getting bigger and bigger, you might loose your balance every now and then or just feel a bit clumsy. The exercises of Prenatal Pilates help to find your balance again and you’ll feel more secure walking with that big ball of yours.

If Prenatal Pilates is too much of a workout for you, you might want to try Pregnancy Yoga.

Prental Pilates in Rio de Janeiro

Prenatal PilatesIf you’ve done Pilates before, you can continue going to the same Pilates class and tell your instructor that your pregnant so he or she will be able to point out alternative poses for you if necessary. However, it’s recommended to do Prenatal Pilates to be sure that the instructor knows which exercises he or she should focus on and which exercises to avoid. Also you’ll meet other pregnant ladies, which is always nice to chat about the common new experience. Usually all classes offer a free trial class, here are two suggestions:

Prenatal Pilates in Ipanema

Myra Hirano Pilates and Care

Prenatal PilatesThe Pilates classes at Myra’s studio combine Mat Pilates and apparatus exercises using Pilates machines like the reformer, cadillac, chair, ladder, barrel and spring board.

The instructor chooses the best program for each one of you, doing a mix of different exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. Each class ends with a special treat: First you get to rub your feet on a spiky rubber ball and after that you get a small back massage. Also, Myra Hirano Pilates and Care offers classes in English and Portuguese. You couldn’t ask for more.


Address: Rua Visconde de Piraja 550 – sala 412 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


Phone number: 31284022

Prenatal Pilates in Botafogo

Bella Gestante

Bella Gestante is a great place not only for Prenatal Pilates but also for other exercises for pregnant women such as yoga or water gymnastics (hidrogestante). In addition, Bella Gestante offers preparational courses for pregnant couples, massages and other treatments for expecting mothers and activities for parents and babies. However, all classes are offered in Portuguese only.


Address: Rua Conde de Irajá 125, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, CEP 22271-020

Tel: 21 2530 4779 | 21 2537 8980

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