Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer

If you come to Rio de Janeiro, you have to visit the Christ Statue  known as Christ the Redeemer. It’s probably the most photographed sight the city has to offer. Each year, more than 2 million visitors pay their respect to the monument. If you, too, want to enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Corcovado hill, there are several ways to do so. Just remember that it’s no longer possible to simply take a cab. The official ways are:

1. For the real experience, try hiking Corcovado!

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2. Take the train to Christ the Redeemer

Address: Rua Cosme Velho  513

By Bus: 570 from Copacabana, Ipanema

Train to ChristTo visit Christ the Redeemer by train will cost you 50 BRL which includes the train (both ways) and the entrance ticket for the Christ Statue. The train station is best to be reached by bus or taxi as there are hardly any parking lots around.

The train  ride takes about 20 minutes and goes up very steeply through the jungle. Be on the lookout for jackfruits, a tropical fruit which grows incredibly large, reaching up to 35 kilos, you really can’t miss it. If you’re lucky you might also see monkeys; however, even though the train moves at comfortable 15 km per hour, it’s not that easy to spot them.

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3. Take the van to Christ the Redeemer

The van takes off in Copacabana (Praça do Lido) or Largo do Machado (in Flamengo, easy to reach by Metro).

The van that takes you to the Christ Statue is 39 BRL during low season and 49 BRL during high season (December – April, as well as weekends and holidays). The van takes longer than the train as its route is also much longer. Once the van gets to Cosme Velho it drives up a curvy road in the jungle. It’s not the same experience as the train because you’re on a paved road, but it gets pretty close and every now and then you catch a glimpse over the city.

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On the platform

There’s plenty of space to walk around and get different angles on the city. All of them are amazing, so take your time! You will be able to see the Sugarloaf, Dois Irmãos, Pedra da Gávea, Pedra Bonita, Pico da Tijuca, Bico de Papagaio, Niteroi and much more. The whole city of Rio de Janeiro is spread out in front of you. No wonder that Christ the Redeemer is mandatory for sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro. Being a major tourist attraction, there are of course snack bars, coffee shops and gift shops around in case you need some rest.

Good to know: Even though there are many stairs on the premises, they can be easily avoided as there is also an elevator and an escalator available.

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