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Projeto Morrinho – Mini Favela Tour

Favela tours in Rio de Janeiro are becoming more and more popular among tourists but nothing can beat this Mini Favela Tour at Projeto Morrinho. Yes, that’s right, a tour to a favela that is only 450m2 small and built out of bricks with lots of love for detail. Projeto Morrinho portrays the everyday life in a favela, that’s why this mini favela is more than just a model: It serves as scenery for role plays and short videos, the highlight of the tour. After walking around the tiny colourful houses, bars and motels and discovering graffitis and wonderful details everywhere, you’ll get a sneak preview of the latest videos. Forget the usual sightseeing tours and sign up for a mini favela tour at Projeto Morrinho!

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© Projeto Morrinho

© Projeto Morrinho

The mini favela is situated inside of the favela Vila Pereira da Silva near Laranjeiras. You will have to make a reservation for the visit and agree on a meeting point with your guide. Usually in Laranjeiras or Rua Almirante Alexandrino 2023 in Santa Teresa. Both are hard to reach with public transport, it’s recommended to take a taxi. See map and contact details below for more information.

Contact: Cilan Oliveira (Founder)



Phone: 21 9 83086298 or 21 9 68025844

Cost: 50 BRL per person

Working Process © Projeto Morrinho

Working Process
© Projeto Morrinho

You will be picked up at the meeting point by your guide (Cilan or one of the other guys working at Projeto Morrinho) who’ll lead you to the mini favela and give you a short explanation about the project. The whole idea started in 1998 when Cilan and his friends built a mini favela to play with it. The model grew bigger and bigger and soon the friends used it as scenery for plays telling stories about their lives. Small LEGO blocks serve as dolls and many toy cars, helicopters and other accessories add life to the plays which are being filmed with a camera. By now the movies are very professional, even though they still starr LEGO blocks as protagonists and you can always see hands moving the dolls, but that’s all part of the charme. At the end of the visit you’ll see the latest productions and these movies are a real highlight of the visit. This is a great opportunity as most videos are not published on the web. The videos tell stories about favela life, pacification and neighbor disputes with a twink of an eye and are a very fun to watch.

Projeto Morrinho at MAR

Projeto Morrinho at MAR

This little gem is not as hidden as you might think. Projeto Morrinho has international fame and other mini favelas have been built for exhibitions at the Bienale in Venice, Italy, in 2007 and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York ( MoMA ) in 2009 to name only just a few. You can also visit a permanent exhibition of Projeto Morrinho at the Museu de Arte do Rio ( MAR ). Whether at the MAR or in the favela, a visit to Projeto Morrinho is definitively worth the trip!

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Video © Fabio Gaviao / TV Morrinho