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Patio with Christ Statue

Parque Lage

Well known among the habitants of Rio de Janeiro, the Parque Lage is a great place to walk, relax and have a coffee at the Café D.R.I. Situated in a picturesque colonial mansion, the café may well be the most popular part of Parque Lage, but do take some time to stroll around the gardens and you’ll discover some real beautiful spots. Continue reading

Trilha dos Primatas Hike

Trilha dos Primatas Hike

Are you looking for some jungle adventure with caverns and waterfalls? The Trilha dos Primatas, hike of the primates in English, is a short and easy hike in Rio de Janeiro’s famous city jungle Parque Nacional da Tijuca, leading to a big rock with a small waterfall. This hike is the perfect choice if you want to escape the city heat and spend an afternoon in the refreshing cold of a jungle waterfall. Continue reading