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Are you looking for a real market experience while you are staying in Rio de Janeiro? Then check out the SAARA market in downtown – short for Sociedade de Amigos das Adjacências from Rua da Alfândega. At the hectic streets of SAARA you’ll find everything from Continue reading

Copacabana Night Market

Copacabana Night Market

Are you still looking for an original canga (beach towel) or bikini? Then you’ll love the Copacabana Night Market in Rio de Janeiro! This market is the perfect way to make the best out of your Rio de Janeiro holiday: Just lay at the beach the whole day and go shopping at night. Continue reading

Hippie Market Ipanema

Ipanema Hippie Market

Hippie Market IpanemaAre you looking for a souvenir from Rio de Janeiro? Or for an original decoration for your home? The Hippie Market in Ipanema might just be THE place for you. Between many commercial stands there are some real gems to be found, literally as well as metaphorically. According to its website, the Hippie Market is the largest outdoor gallery of arts and crafts not just of Brazil but of the world! Continue reading