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Morro Dos Cabritos Hike

Morro Dos Cabritos Hike

The Morro dos Cabritos Hike is a combo experience: you will have the chance to do a beautiful hike and you will cross through the Favela dos Cabritos. There are many paths leading up to Morro dos Cabritos, the easiest one is the Catacumba Park Hike. However, if you’re looking for a bit more variety, the Morro dos Cabritos Hike is perfect for you: You’ll not only hike through a diverse landscape but also through the Favela Dos Cabritos. Continue reading

Trilha Da Praia Do Perigoso

Praia do Perigoso Hike

Have you ever dreamed of hiking on wild beaches? Praia do Perigoso, or Beach of the Dangerous in English, is the name of the hike and also the name of the second beach you will get to. The track runs along five beautiful beaches and you decide if you want to visit all of them or just a few. This true paradise is hidden behind Guaratiba and Grumari.

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Island View

Catacumba Park Hike

This hike is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to see Rio de Janeiro from a different angle. Catacumba Park is also a great choice if you are looking for something less touristy than the Sugarloaf or Christ. Just next to the Lagoa, Continue reading

View from the top

Costão de Itacoatiara Hike

Are you looking for a hike where you can escape the busy city of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the countryside? Hike up Costão de Itacoatiara (220m) and combine adventure and relaxation. This beautiful track is located next to the 1,5 km long beach in Itacoatiara, Niteroi. The hike is easy to medium, it’s short but involves a part of climbing.

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